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Consumer Reports Jan 10, 2013

Retro-game enthusiasts will love the Neo Geo X Gold Edition. If you appreciate the video games of the 90's, you'll definitely enjoy it. But those who are more interested in games with impressive visuals and deep, rich story lines should probably take a pass on this console.

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TrustedReviews Apr 21, 2013

... many of SNK’s best games are already available for the Sony PSP ... If you really need to scratch your retro itch, that’s unquestionably a better option - although we fear that the collectibility of the Neo Geo X Gold will prove hard to resist for some lifelong fans.

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Engadget Oct 26, 2012

It isn't the cheapest handheld on the market today, or even the most technically capable in its price range -- but as a trip down memory lane for Neo Geo fans, it's hard to beat.

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product preview
T3 Jan 18, 2013

... it still feels like a big investment in a system that lets you play games that feasibly can be accessed through emulators, apps and online gaming services like PSN and XBLA.

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bontakun bontakun

This a great feeling piece of hardware supporting a great selection of classic games, but there is no data about upcoming games, and so we can only assume the worst (that this is it). That said I really like the weight and feel of the hardware, the analog stick and buttons are top notch and I had...

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shedberg shedberg

If you're a fan of the Neo Geo games, or just a guy who loves retro gaming, I'd recommend this system. There's nothing that brings out the nostalgic feeling like playing classic arcade games with the Neo Geo arcade stick!

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Jonno81 Jonno81

I absolutely love the thing; the handheld device, console and joystick are great! It brings back memories of having played it as a kid. I couldn't actually afford to buy a NeoGeo back in the day and my parents weren't willing to spend money on it either so I ended up spending hours at the arcade...

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