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I absolutely love the thing; the handheld device, console and joystick are great! It brings back memories of having played it as a kid. I couldn't actually afford to buy a NeoGeo back in the day and my parents weren't willing to spend money on it either so I ended up spending hours at the arcade with my pals.

Even though the original didn't actually come with the handheld device it's a really nice product and worth the (although very high!) price. Bought mine with a megapack a couple weeks back and don't regret a second of it! I also picked up these Neo Geo X tools a week ago from superufo (google it, was fairly easy to find), and wow - I can play Atari, PS1, GBA, NES games and even more.

It took me a while to build up the nerve to buy it but with all the drama behind Tommo and SNK I think that these won't be in production for long so pick em up whilst you still can! Doubt I'll re-sell mine but the option is there I guess.