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  • Game library The games themselves are mostly fantastic, but you're limited to what comes with it. At least for now. poor
  • Graphics Perfectly recreated graphics, no upgrades, but exactly as they should look. good
  • Battery life 3-4 Hours, not the best. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) It has a great feel and weight to it, light but nice feeling. good
  • Durability No comments
Detailed review
This a great feeling piece of hardware supporting a great selection of classic games, but there is no data about upcoming games, and so we can only assume the worst (that this is it). That said I really like the weight and feel of the hardware, the analog stick and buttons are top notch and I had forgotten about how good many of the old AES games were. If you were a fan of the AES games back in the day, this is a great piece of kit, everybody else should probably skip it.

There are several interesting things about the hardware too, it's addition of shoulder buttons that are mostly unused, a screen ratio that doesn't match what the original Neo Geo AES games were. Also when connected via USB it shows an entirely unused 1 GB partition.

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I contacted Tommo regarding the shoulder buttons, and they suggested that in a future firmware update we will be able to map certain tough-to-press-on-a-handheld button combos (like B+C) to a shoulder button.

Considering how quickly these systems seem to have sold, I'd expect that we will see at least a few additional titles released on SD cards.