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  • Game library Comes bundled with 20 games, plus an additional game on SD card in the limited edition bundle. good
  • Graphics Graphics on the handheld look great, but I encountered some issues on my HDTV through HDMI. It looked better using the included composite video cable. so-so
  • Battery life Battery life comparable to my PSP. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Size/weight similar to a PSP. Good portability, fits into my pockets just fine. good
  • Durability Rubberized back should be resistant to bumps and scrapes, though the plastic screen on the front is prone to fingerprints and I suspect would scratch easily. so-so
Detailed review
If you're a fan of the Neo Geo games, or just a guy who loves retro gaming, I'd recommend this system. There's nothing that brings out the nostalgic feeling like playing classic arcade games with the Neo Geo arcade stick!