July 6th 2009 6:30 pm

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  • Location accuracy
  • Battery life
  • Durability
  • Start-up time
  • Display
  • Ease of use
  • Design and form factor
  • Expandability (maps, POI, etc.)

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MikeTRose MikeTRose

The ONE 3rd Edition is definitely a few years behind the curve at this point, but it's still a serviceable and capable nav unit with few major drawbacks.

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dantz dantz

I've been using a TomTom One for a while now. It gives you directions from place A to place B, that's pretty much it. But it was pretty cheap a few years ago. So, thats probably all you can expect frim this device.

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ale ale

Mine was a gift from a friend that bought another car GPS for himself. It was intensely used, but even in its advanced age it works very well. The signal reception is good and the menus are easy to navigate. There are many possibilities of personalization and many free POI to download from the...

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Cobrakainvrdie Cobrakainvrdie

Bought it cause it was a good deal a few years back, $90 Black friday 08. COuldn't be happier with it. Takes a minute or two to acquire satellite after being off for a long time but thats to be expected. I have not updated in quite some time cause I don't feel it's worth the...

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