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  • Speed Not bad for a usb 2.0, but not estelar good
  • Durability The hard drive has been dropped twice from a desktop and still in good condition great!
  • Portability There are smaller models out there, but the size ideal for carrying in a backpack. good
  • Design and form factor Not beautiful, not ugly. Cover is made of a rubber material, so no finger prints or dirty here. The color combination is simple and nice. so-so
  • Noise Noise levels are "normal", by normal, I mean the noise is hard to hear. There aren't weird sounds like in other models I've used. great!
Detailed review
I bought this model because of the price and the supposed durability. The unit feels solid and well constructed despite it is made of plastic. My unit has been dropped twice from a desk while running and is still like new. Transcend includes a backup software, I have never used it because is only windows compatible. Write/read speeds are average for a usb 2.0 device, the good thing here is that the unit uses just a single usb port to run, so no need to attach the extra connector for additional power.