August 30th 2012 8:26 am


The 720+ features a number of key enhancements designed to offer superior performance and sustained comfort. All new Neodymium drivers have increased in size from 40mm to 50mm resulting in improved bass response and audio clarity. Featuring the latest Dolby Headphone technology, the 720+ delivers rich 7.1 Surround Sound, ideal for pinpointing in-game enemy movements or for enjoying movie blockbusters. In addition, the 720+ features Selectable Voice Monitoring, allowing users to choose to hear their own voice through the headset. Sporting a lightweight and flexible design, the 720+ has been designed for extended playing sessions and comes replete in an eye-catching gloss white finish.

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MrSteve611 MrSteve611

This is one of the best headsets i have ever tried. The sound is amazing, (in-game, music, movies and voice chat) probably the best quality sound you can get in gaming headsets, so this is a real bargain and i would definitely recommend it. It does have a lot of wires, but if you don't mind wires...

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