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phdz phdz

Overall, I like this model as comparing to my previous DPX21. For additional 50-60 bucks from $149 DPX21 - $199 X-RAY X-RAY is compatible with Xbox 360 & PS3. Both sounds great quality. Chat function.(extra cable chat for Xbox 360) . Small light weight amplifier connected to 1 digital...

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nitehawk nitehawk

I bought these for gaming and listening to tv at night so I don't wake up the wife. I previously had the Sony Playstation branded Wireless Headphones and they did part of the job. These can be rigged to work with the PS3 off, which is my main use. Also, the battery is way better than the Sony...

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samsquamch samsquamch

Where to start... This is the equivalent of the Turtle Beach XP400 headset. The only difference is the logo and color style of the headset itself. It has a black and orange motif with Black Ops II badging on the right ear cup and transmitter. It has a Call of Duty indent on the top of the...

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