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  • Voice / mic quality No comments great!
  • Sound quality No comments great!
  • Comfort No comments great!
  • Durability No comments great!
  • Design and form factor No comments good
Detailed review
Great Headset. Comfortable despite the dimensions. Incredible crystal clear sound, but the most interesting point is the Bluetooth connection capability; actually the set communication protocol with the transmitter unit is through 2,4 Ghz radio signal, that ensure stable signal. Together with that, 2 btooth devices can be connected with the set. I tried with my iPhone4S, during playtime, is possible just with a headset button, to reply the call, and share both live audio from game with chat and phone as well. The system will silence the chat microphone, then both volume (call and game) can be adjusted independently through left and right header controls.
Good point also the standard (or recharchable but can't charge directly in the headset) batters. It will prevent any sudden unexpected battery loss. Just replace the 2 AAA and ready to go for another session.
Warm suggested, moreover, the transmitter doesn't require power adapter; just connect to your xbox or PC, PS3 Usb port. It will be enough to power it without additional cable and wiring.

I tried the system, connected to an optical toslink output of a Blu Ray Player. It work as well, due to the integrated soundboard built into the transmitter, no limits!
Great job turtle beach, not cheap, but not meant to be, due to the high end performance.