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  • Voice / mic quality The bluetooth/wireless component seems like it could be better. Friends say I cut out a lot, but that might be fixable in the software. so-so
  • Sound quality Amazing sound. Full surround, bullets whizzing by, footsteps. I've even used it to watch movies and it's perfect for surround. great!
  • Comfort As good as most of the headsets out there but still not as comfortable as say, Bose headphones. Decent. good
  • Durability They've definitely built these much better than previous sets. In all fairness the only Turtle Beach headset that ever broke on me was replaced for free. great!
  • Design and form factor The newer design is great. Buttons are laid out well and have a solid feel. Fit & finish are great as well. great!
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This is my third Turtle Beach headset and probably my favorite. I really like not having to tether a wire from my controller for chat, however there is a noticeable tradeoff in chat audio quality.