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Turtle Beach's flagship wireless media headset model, the Ear Force i60, delivers the goods in terms of sound quality, surround mix and EQ malleability. Coupled with its functionality with mobile devices, superhuman charge time and overall build, it goes some way to justifying its massive price tag. Sadly, it's a few minimalist design choices away from striking the chord it strives for in the ears of the audiophile Apple user, and at this price in the market there's little room for forgiveness. quote

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New York Times Dec 5, 2013

Whether you’re playing Battlefield 4 or Angry Birds, the Turtle Beach Ear Force i30 headset will immerse you in the game. And unlike most bulky gaming headsets, the slim design of the headset won’t make you feel awkward if you wear it in public.

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TechRadar Jan 9, 2014

Barring the poor Apple-imitation design choices, this headset delivers on its price tag in terms of audio quality, portability, and preset options. Recommended.

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T3 Nov 19, 2013

The Turtle Beach Ear Force i60s offer amazing audio quality and plenty of features, many of which are genuinely useful. ... They're fine for audiophiles who own Apple mobile devices, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

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Hardware Heaven Dec 16, 2013

The Ear Force i60 is a top of the line Bluetooth headset aimed squarely at the Apple market. It delivers on performance and has a range of features that will appeal to the target market.

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AndroidSPIN Feb 3, 2014

I really wanted to give the i60 full marks: it looks fantastic, sounds fantastic and is jam-packed full of technology that is cutting edge in the premium gaming industry. However, on a personal level, the i60 lost some marks on comfort as a result of its lack of size accommodation.

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Digital Trends Dec 20, 2013

Now that we’ve experienced the i60, it seems like the sort of product that Apple users should have had all along … it’s the sort of device you never knew you always wanted.

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