November 17th 2011 9:01 pm

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7.0 Headphones Mar 12, 2012

If you’re looking to save some coin, and you’re itching to get your deathmatch going on Xbox live, these may be a decent pickup for you if you just need a headset quickly. Just keep in mind the shortcomings of the headset and you’ll be fine.

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Digital Trends Jan 4, 2012

The Turtle Beach X12 gaming headphones are versatile, well constructed and, for the most part, well designed. The mic monitor and bass boost features are a nice touch and their high degree of comfort allows for long-term wear with little to no fatigue.

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xulfnoe xulfnoe

These headset is very great because it offers very decent sound and a microphone. The sound is so much better than the Beats Studio. If you're looking for a mid range gaming headset that can closely compete to a high end gaming headset, you can't go wrong with the Turtle Beach EarForce X12.

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Raptorace22 Raptorace22

The only real complaint is the outside noise. Even still I can hear the game and other players as well as myself very crisply. It's also pretty adaptable with separate jacks for both the speakers and the mic as well as a USB power supply. know, no batteries. If you get it for the low...

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walf walf

I bought this product based on extensive research over the reviews. I do not consider myself a heavy player. However, in the evenings and sometimes in the weekends the MMORPG gaming sessions can be longer than 2-3 hours. Therefore, I was searching for a comfortable headset with a reasonable sound...

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mjerrellw mjerrellw

I owned a pair of x11s and they rocked..I was going to purchase the x11s again..but these were the newer version..I was not disappointed at all with these headphones.

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