October 14th 2009 6:15 pm

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My missus recently purchased these for my Xmas then I was able to convince her to give me them early :):).

These headphones are awesome.

There has been a lot of mention with regards to sound drop outs, clicks, pops etc etc. Basically keep the base unit as far as possible away from any wireless routers you have and securely connect the chat cable and try not to move it too much and you will not experience any of the noted problems.

These really do give you an advantage over the opposition in games such as Modern Warfare 2. For Example when I am looking down the scope of my sniper rifle I can't see any maps etc I can hear every movement in houses that i am in and out side around the house. I have lost count the number of times I have heard someone trying to sneak up on me. I have been able to get positioned with my secondary weapon ( Akimbo Rangers :) ) for them coming up the stairs etc to then wipe the smile of their faces. Easily helps you get 25 plus kills each and every map.

£149.99 price tag is quite steep but once you have them you really do appreciate them and the cost is probs just for what you are getting.