October 14th 2009 6:15 pm

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I got these for Christmas this year. I hooked them up using the optical audio cables from the 360 and then I fed the optical audio into my receiver. These headphones sound great with no interference. I have the base sitting about 2 feet away from an 802.11n access point and a foot away from my LCD TV and 360. I had read about people saying they had interference with similar setups and I have had none of those problems.
This headset has been working great. I have only had one small issue which I believe may be related to the optical audio connection and I haven't had time to look into it yet. The audio signal goes through the base station to my receiver. I have noticed that the receiver occasional looses audio during game play. I could be in the middle of a song in rock band for example and the audio will skip. However this does not occur over the headset. I believe it may just be a connection issue between the base station and the receiver however this was not happening before I put the station in. I am going to troubleshoot it a bit more and then contact Turtle Beach if necessary. But other then that I have been extremely happy with this headphones and would definitely recommend.