October 14th 2009 6:15 pm

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  • Voice / mic quality Haven't had problems with the voice quality. People are able to hear me loud and clear! great!
  • Sound quality Having issues with tons of audio dropouts while game. Pops, clicks, and audio just disappearing. It's frustrating. awful!
  • Comfort Super lightweight! Once they're on, I don't really notice them. good
  • Durability Haven't had any problems, but I don't think I'd throw them in my backpack or something. They feel like cheap plastic. good
  • Design and form factor Not ugly, but not pretty. so-so
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Updating my review: It's been a year and I've tried various things. Moving my the X41 receiver, moving the router, turning phones off, changing batteries. Nothing I do seems to solve the random dropout issue. And it isn't just sound disappearing. The game sound fades out, but all these weird pops, clicks, and scratching sounds replace it (at whatever volume your device is at). It's jarring and annoying.
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