June 11th 2013 9:06 am

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Pocket-Lint Jun 19, 2013

The XO Four is smaller and has a firmer headband, but it's still more than comfy enough in use...We're excited about Xbox One and it already looks like it will be possible to kit out the console with plenty of branded, colour-matched accessories such as either of these Turtle Beach over-ears. Best...

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Randoja Randoja

is a really good headphones for the price I mean the XO sevens are a little bit more pricey maybe I'm thinking like 60 bucks more so the bangfor your buck one hundred dollars down on the xo fours and you get what you pay for the really good sound quality.

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steveaesthetics steveaesthetics

great headset but turtle beaches lack of communication/ liaising with mircosoft has left this headset with multiple faults. would highly recommend not buying until at least december this year

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