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by rorytucker

What is the best headset for comfort and quality for glasses wearers?
I am looking for user recommendations for a headset for Skype and music that I could wear comfortably for a few hours.
  • Needs to fit comfortably while wearing glasses
  • Mostly used for Skype
  • But would like to only use one headset at my desk (I currently have a 2nd pair for music)
  • Needs to block external noise a bit too
  • Wireless would be nice
  • Mac / USB
  • Currently have Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

by Isr

I want a gaming headset, which ones are good?
Earlier this year I asked about the A40s and Turtle Beaches here on gdgt, and finally decided for the Astros. But for some reason, Astro decided not to sell me the headset because they failed to verify my credit card/bank account. They told me to try some things, but in the end and after two weeks of waiting, I gave up and forgot about headsets. Besides, the international shipping was freaking expensive (about $100).
Then I read this review of the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 on Engadget:... Read more →

by nitehawk

Considering selling my Turtle Beach PX21 and buying this. Suggestions?
How is the battery life? Are the volume dials easy to figure out between raising and lowering the game and chat volume separately? Often times I turn off/down the chat volume because 12 year olds are annoying and ridiculous while playing Call of Duty. I really like the look of this but am curious how comfortable is it for an extended gaming/movie session. Can I pair this set with my iPhone like the really expensive turtle beach headsets? That would be a big selling point for me.

by dave

Sound seems to cut out, a lot.
Recently picked these up in anticipation of Modern Warfare 2. I've been mostly happy with them, though I'm noticing that the sound cuts out a bit too much for my taste. I understand that it goes with the territory of wireless headphones, but is there anything I can do to prevent the sound from completely cutting out in a critical moment? It seems to occur whenever loud explosions happen, so I thought maybe it had something to do with the sound clipping. But I'm not sure where I'd... Read more →

by ElChaz

Will these work with HDMI?
I'm thinking about getting a set of surround sound headphones, primarily for TV viewing. I have a 360 as well, though, and these have a good reputation so I figure I might as well get the XBOX functionality too. Does anyone know how these will work with HDMI? I have all my sources (360, UVerse box, DVD player) going into a receiver via HDMI, and then one HDMI out to my TV. I gather that these take in an optical audio signal from the 360 which they can then pass through to a receiver. Can I... Read more →