November 15th 2010 5:06 pm

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doubletwist doubletwist

As has been described repeatedly elsewhere, this tablet is great, with 2 exceptions. 1. Screen - Yes the screen kind of sucks. The resolution is decent, but if you're not looking at it straight on, it washes out quickly. You can think of it as a privacy feature if you like. :) 2. The stock...

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GaryO GaryO

Great intro tablet, absolutely recommend rooting it and installing an alternative ROM (there is an active developer community for this, including Honeycomb ROMs). Screen viewing angles are limited, which on the plus side is like a built-in privacy screen. Pluses include full-sized USB and HDMI...

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FormidableMulk FormidableMulk

I bought my gTablet in the Summer of 2011, about 6 months after it was released, and relinquished it in February of 2013. The stock TnT ROM -- based on Android 2.2 -- is absolutely terrible, but indie developers kept (and keep) breathing new life into this hardware. With the lack of RAM (by...

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lking3 lking3

Gtab is great tablet for a low price. But only if you are a techie that can root it put a better custom on it. The "tnt" skin that viewsonic made is crap.

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Ktulu1 Ktulu1

If you're willing and able to load custom ROMs on this thing, it is more than the sum of its parts. That's a pretty big caveat though. If you're not going to immediately flash a new OS to this thing, I can't recommend it at all. In that case I'd rate it a 2.5, even with a sub $300 price tag. On...

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studiophi studiophi

It's a bargain overall if you use one of the many custom ROMs out there, but I struggle to figure out what to do with it. Mine is a glorified digital picture frame right now. I really struggle to figure out what this does well that I can't do with a laptop, phone, or e-reader. Maybe the problem...

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