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The Viewsonic VX2452mh doesn't tick all the boxes that make up the ideal monitor, but this 24-inch, $170 model certainly has more than enough to hit your basic entry-level display needs.

The VX2452mh might not be a very flashy product, but TheTechReviewer feels Viewsonic did an "excellent job" with the design and that it's "thin." However, despite that slender profile, Digital Versus says it still has a "good choice of connectors."

The picture quality is a bit of a mixed bag, though, with PC Mag saying "picture quality was sharp," but there were still some issues with "very light and very dark shades of gray." The biggest issue is ghosting, and Digital Versus says "the traces of ghost images take up to 21ms" to be fully removed. Serious gamers will be put off by the poor ghosting -- and rightfully so -- but those who don't play a lot of first person shooters (and other action-heavy genres) will probably find it plenty passable.

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PC Mag Apr 8, 2014

The ViewSonic VX2452mh is a reasonably priced 24-inch gaming monitor that delivers blur-free action without using a lot of power. Its color and grayscale performance are good, but not great, and it loses luminance and color fidelity when viewed from an angle.

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PC Advisor Apr 4, 2014

The VX2542mh performs well for a TN monitor and offers flexible input options, including HDMI, along with built-in speakers. However, at £145 it's hard to justify the price in the face of excellent less expensive options.

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Digital Versus Mar 3, 2014

Although ghosting is too strong to make this monitor appeal to gamers, the ViewSonic VX2452MH boasts excellent colour fidelity and is very energy efficient.

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TheTechReviewer Nov 11, 2013

I found the ViewSonic VX2252mh monitor to be a sleek and well-performing monitor especially at its low price-point. While it does suffer from a slight stability issue and weak built-in speakers, the monitor's visual performance will match or outperform any competitors in the sub-$160 market.

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