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MadMarchHare83 MadMarchHare83

Had this product for over a year and it never worked great. Despite adjusting ports and cables it never stayed connected, which meant unplugging it and plugging it back in an esoteric method for it to come back up. I was willing to overlook that fault as long as it still worked. But recently it...

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user75a6c5b9d9a user75a6c5b9d9a

This has been a great external home hard drive. The use of Firewire allows me to daisy chain more hard drives if need be. It's sad to see Firewire is dying in place of Thunderbolt though, so harddrives that support Firewire will be hard to come by.

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MrGuilt MrGuilt

As we realized that more and more of our life was residing on the hard drives of our MacBooks, my wife and I tried various solutions. None of them worked very well at the start. Either they were a bit awkward, or didn't work consistently. So, when the MyBook for Mac went on sale, we...

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RjPalmer RjPalmer

The Western Digital My Book for Mac, comes loaded with backup software out of the box. Doubled with Time Machine this device put's my backup worries to rest. I would recommend it to any Mac user, and that goes for the whole Western Digital family of backup machines. Western Digital's...

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rnguthertz rnguthertz

I bought this on a whim as I needed to backup my Macbook Pro. I made a huge mistake when I decided to install the software that came with it and set up a password to be able to access it, thinking it would be ideal to keep it password protected. I didn't take into account that I couldn't use it...

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