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retypejonas retypejonas

A little bit dissapointed theres no light to indicate raid status on the drive itself, since i run it connected to my Airport Extreme, i need to connect it to my computer to check it with "WD Drive Manager".

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craighton craighton

I've tried using this hard drive on my Mac. It's made for a Mac, but doesn't work with OS X Lion and am still waiting for updated drivers. I'm going to give it 30-days and if there is no updated driver I'm going to return it and get something different.

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ImaginativeTrut ImaginativeTrut

I love this machine. Its serviced me well and has lots of clever features. I like how it wakes up when needed and sleeps when its not. Its quiet. The newer ones have clear LCD screens and more storage capacity. I recommend them to all my friends and family...

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