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HotHardware May 20, 2009

The WD My Book World Edition truly impressed us with its combination of performance and features. The fact that it can equally meet the needs of general consumers and tech-savvy users is a testament to the device's flexibility and usefulness. There was a lot to like about the device and very...

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Mosqueda Mosqueda

I hemmed and hawed over getting a NAS drive vs a FireWire/USB drive. I am really glad I bought this drive. It works incredibly well, access to it is very fast. I have it hooked up to my drive via gigabit ethernet and it just plain works. I have had it become unavailable once. With a simple...

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jimkiler jimkiler

Pros: Works right away without software just able to map network drives in Windows. Does not need Mionet software. Supports DLNA to stream to consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, also supports FTP, CIFS, NFS, AFP. You can create private shares with username and password protection. Uses Twonky for...

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rebelbob rebelbob

I purchased a 1TB World Book edition (Blue Rings) a couple of years ago for use in my office for daily backups and storage. I thought it would be perfect for my needs, but in practice it has been anything but. I expected to be able to set the NAS features and forget about it until I ran out of...

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karmascenic karmascenic

Needed a lot of storage for several computers for music, video, podcast, and pictures. All computers can access the drive through the network media players can use as default folders and you can access it on the Internet through mio net which is nice but not great better off using log me in or...

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CraigWard CraigWard

The Western Digital My Book World Edition (Blue Rings) is a really good solution for network storage. Giving storage to everyone on your LAN, even offering remote access to your files via MioNet's browser based access software- like your own personal dropbox. Its not the easiest thing to...

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fahadalhamed fahadalhamed

Very good way to backup all my devices in one place using a very simple sync software, now I can rest assured the all my data are safe.

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dbin78 dbin78

The Western Digital 1 TB My Book World is an excellent external storage drive. I set mine up on my network and have been mostly pleased. There is an issue I encountered with Windows 7 that makes it need some special handling -...

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Glenner Glenner

Got this drive (1 TB) at Best Buy in Canada for $200. Very difficult to set up in Windows 7 (the documentation says that Discover will just discover, with no contingency plan for when it is NOT discoverable in Windows 7). Their way around this is to say that it just supports XP and Vista, So I...

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