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It may only have one drive, but Western Digital's My Cloud network drive is an affordable and easy way to bring network storage to your house. Network-based storage can be great, but if it's slow it can be a real pain. Thankfully, the My Cloud is the very opposite of slow, with TrustedReviews calling it "incredibly fast" and PC Mag complimenting its "incredible read/write speeds." Western Digital's My Cloud service also gives you the ability to access your files from your smartphone or tablet, but TechRadar warns that weak media support may make its use rather "limited." Still, the My Cloud drive is priced at just $149 for 2TB of storage, making it a pretty affordable way to build your household its own personal cloud.

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CNET Oct 2, 2013

For a low-cost entry-level network storage device, the WD My Cloud is very impressive both in performance and features, making it one of the best deals for home users.

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PC Mag Oct 2, 2013

Western Digital's My Cloud has a gorgeous design and is a practically foolproof NAS for the home, with breathtaking performance. It's only weaknesses are a rather limited cloud interface and a lack of support for printers on its USB port.

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PC World Oct 3, 2013

If you need storage that’s available from just about everywhere, and you don’t want to rely on a third-party cloud service to provide it, WD’s My Cloud is a brilliant solution.

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Laptop Magazine Oct 4, 2013

The Western Digital My Cloud network storage device makes it easy to back up files from mobile devices and benefits from a robust mobile app.

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TrustedReviews Oct 10, 2013

It looks great, is easy to use, keeps quiet and performance is mind blowing. WD still has work to do on its PC app, particularly to support media streaming, and multi-drive models are needed to add data redundancy, but make no mistake this is a landmark device.

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Electronista Oct 4, 2013

Western Digital has succeeded in building an external hard drive with NAS features and no headache. Despite the lack of advanced features, the basic capabilities have been presented in a way that is straightforward and easy enough for typical users to figure out ...

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TechRadar Oct 12, 2013

Overall, this is a terrific home NAS device and the best currently available. Despite WD's protestations, there are still some problems with handholding through the setup process. Dots still need joining.

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Expert Reviews Jan 25, 2014

The WD My Cloud isn’t the NAS for you if you need lots of features. If file sharing and remote access as your prime concerns, The My Cloud’s a good choice because it’s simple to set up and use.

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Let's Talk Tech Nov 19, 2013

As a personal cloud for constantly editing documents, WD’s My Cloud doesn’t feel like it competes with the likes of Google Drive for efficiency and performance.

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First Looks

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NotebookReview Oct 2, 2013

The units are sleek and white, with just enough updating to give Western Digital's traditional designs a fresh, modern look.

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bb343121 bb343121

This product is awful if you use a MAC. I have a brand new MAC Book Pro, with 500GB SSD, i7, ect. I cannot speak for the PC side. The devices looses connection all the time. It takes so long to transfer files to it. I was hoping for a plug and play. I spent 3 hrs on the phone with the customer...

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maxaudet maxaudet

Great for basic use but I returned it and will get a Synology. This is a nice entry level NAS and it's easy to configure and use. However, performances are so-so and I'm only getting 30Mbps write speed over Gigabit LAN. While it's too slow for my needs (many pictures and videos), this isn't...

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fredfl fredfl

I have this installed on my home network of three Macs (2 laptops + a desktop), two windows 7 boxes (one htpc and two desktops), two windows 7 laptops, plus various android and iOS devices. I have used it successfully with all of them, and in general it works very well on all of them. The only...

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