September 30th 2009 2:35 pm

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bugsinamber bugsinamber

I got this because I need to have my current freelance files with me while I'm out and about, moving between different work locations and computers. It's small enough to toss it in my purse and carry every day. Though a protective soft case can be bought separately, I don't have...

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Dots Dots

Great drive, my one problem is the little blue light blinks when inactive. It bugs because my computer is near the bed.

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erevu erevu

I gave the SPEED a 3 because the drive goes to sleep to save energy. It takes some time to start back up again.

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papiermachebox papiermachebox

A compact and portable drive with more than enough memory. Comes with Smartware which is annoying, but can be removed. Works well with Time Machine on the Mac simultaneously to doing regular drag and drop.

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