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86 May 21st 2014 7:36 pm

The price of the My Passport Pro may induce sticker shock, but considering it's a portable RAID drive with Thunderbolt connections the price is plenty justified.

Western Digital gives you the choice of 2TB and 4TB options, both of which can be configured for RAID 0 or RAID 1. But ultimately the worth of the My Passport Pro will be determined by how fast it is. And it is fast -- PC World Australia found that the "write speed of 202.6MBps was very close to the read speed of 205.5MBps," and Macworld UK says the Passport Pro is "about 60% faster than any of the conventional portable hard drives that we’ve reviewed recently."

For professionals who are traveling and want to protect their data without sacrificing speed, the My Passport Pro is a good choice -- just make sure your computer has a Thunderbolt port, since the Pro lacks a USB port.

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CNET Apr 2, 2014

The WD My Passport Pro is an all-around excellent storage solution solution for any Thunderbolt-enabled Macs, particularly the MacBook Pro or Air.

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PC Mag Apr 30, 2014

The Western Digital My Passport Pro is a spacious, Thunderbolt-equipped, portable hard drive for the graphics professional who uses a Mac.

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Macworld UK Mar 27, 2014

Portable drives generally trade performance for portability, but the My PassPort manages to provide desktop-levels of performance wrapped up in a chunky but still portable design. The WD Passport Pro is also quite competitively priced when compared with other RAID drives.

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PC World Australia Apr 2, 2014

WD's My Passport Pro is designed for professionals who require lots of speed, plenty of capacity, and a neat package that's easy to use and transport. It's aimed at Mac users who need to quickly transfer loads of data, be they photos, 4K video, or uncompressed audio, while out on the job.

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StorageReview Mar 27, 2014

The WD My Passport Pro suits the needs of creative professionals and enthusiasts alike who need to shuttle large volumes of data in the field. The abundant 4TB capacity certainly delivers on this goal and the Thunderbolt connectivity lets the drive flow seamlessly.

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TechRadar Mar 27, 2014

The My Passport Pro is smart, fast and very desirable for portable working. It's the fastest possible storage, but it's still pro-level, and offers true portability with terabytes of storage.

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Let's Talk Tech May 8, 2014

Taking in to account the rugged build quality, sleek aluminium design and of course the rapid performance, WD’s My Passport Pro is a fantastic solution for creative professionals or users that work with large media files.

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flinderssean flinderssean

I just recently bought a WD MyPassport wireless at quadruple the price of a standard USB HDD of similar space. Save your money! The wireless functionality is so time consuming and difficult to set up that it is simply not worth the hassle. It seems that the concept of user friendliness hasn't...

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