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No stranger to the portable hard drive space, Western Digital continues to impress with their My Passport Ultra, offering USB 3.0 speeds in a compact package. Popular Photography said that the My Passport Ultra was "as fast as any other portable drive we've tested" and PC World Australia thought it was "the fastest USB 3.0 drive we’ve tried out." With the drive being built with portability in mind, CNET found the drive "very compact and light," while Laptop Magazine called it "small and attractive." If you're a road warrior who needs some extra storage space that won't weigh your bag down, the My Passport Ultra offers a speedy and compact solution to your mobile workspace.

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CNET May 15, 2013

The WD My Passport Ultra is one of the best portable drives you can buy with software that makes backups fast and easy.

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Laptop Magazine May 16, 2013

Like Moore's Law, the physical size and price of hard drives keeps dropping, while the amount of storage keeps increasing. The Western Digital My Passport Ultra packs 1TB of storage into a pocketable package not much heavier than some smartphones.

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Pocket-Lint Dec 2, 2013

The great thing about the WD Ultra is its raw transfer speed - USB 3.0 is fast. It's unusual that a portable hard drive impresses us in this regard, but the Ultra really did. It's got a decent capacity for a fair enough price point and you won't get cross copying files to it ...

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PC World Australia May 24, 2013

The My Passport Ultra is pretty fast for a spinning-disk portable drive, and it offers all the advantages of having such excessive storage capacity in the palm of your hand.

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StorageReview May 15, 2013

The WD My Passport Ultra excels in adding plenty of value with the included software, its transfer rates which are solid for the market and the design options offer plenty of personal choice.

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TechRadar Sep 24, 2013

It's by no means a bad external hard drive, however, and it's a testament to the quality of Western Digital's external hard drives that even if the My Passport Ultra isn't its best, it's still a damn good external hard drive anyway.

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Expert Reviews Jun 22, 2013

The Western Digital My Passport Ultra has genuinely useful backup and security software, along with fast performance and a low cost per gigabyte ... It’s a great value portable USB3 hard disk and Best Buy award winner.

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Legit Reviews May 15, 2013

The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is an excellent portable drive and we found no flaws with it. WD has been selling portable backup drives in the Passport series for nine years and have an impressive track record with readability and stability over the years.

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Let's Talk Tech Aug 27, 2013

Although to truly benefit from the performance users will need USB 3.0 ports on their computers, at around £70 this is an external drive that’ll still provide high levels of performance and value.

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