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CrunchGear Dec 14, 2008

I love this little black box. It singlehandedly solved my video playback problems and ended months of frustration. People will gripe about the lack of network support, but I personally have no desire to stream high definition video over my local network. Direct hard drive or thumb drive connections...

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TrustedReviews Aug 24, 2009

It's not often we're truly gobsmacked. While we see a fair number of outstanding products grace the pages of our site, most of them have been talked about so much prior to us actually seeing them that there's little left to surprise us.

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tobor tobor

Let me make this brief: this device is awesome. It supports about any video codec you can imagine. It will play VOB files and even handles subtitles. The firmware is open source and WD seems committed to upgrading it and there's also a community releasing firmware to add non-supported...

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mtbsonny mtbsonny

For what it does, this device does it well. I'm not going to get into details on the specs since you can find them on this site. Here are my impressions: I got this player about a month ago. It's Small, compact and plays a host of media formats. Runs my MKVs and ISOs with not problem....

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photonenwolke photonenwolke

After having so much trouble with the popcorn hour player ("could not play" - reboot problem issues and 3 repairs yet) i bought the wdtv. In brief: its worth the price! But: it doesn´t play DVD menues which is a problem when you want to see episodes of a TV series e.g. They didn´t fix...

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asgeirn asgeirn

Having endured three networked DVD players this is the first one to deliver on its promise. It plainly works. You plug your device in and browse the contents, as simple as that. I do however miss a couple of features: The media library had to be disabled because scanning a large hard drive...

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michaelsamson michaelsamson

The great thing about this media player is it plays nearly all types of media thrown at it, even mkv files. I use to burn my files to DVD-RW and watch in on a player that plays avi file formats... burning to the whole disc, it is a DVD-RW mind you, is slow. When the WD HD TV came along, all I...

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Tonymurrow Tonymurrow

DVDs take up space and can get scratched. Video files are faster on demand and you can stick 100+ movies on a 2.5" hard drive. That's great if you're a broke college student who watches movies on your laptop anyway, but few would argue this is an amazing cinematic experience....

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