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With access to many of the most popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify and Vudu, the WD TV Live offers a solid range of audio and video choices (a notable omission is Amazon's on-demand service). It also provides easy access to your own audio and video files, with support for most file formats; and makes it easy to access those files, with both a USB port and access to your home network over Ethernet and WiFi.

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CNET Oct 6, 2011

If you want a device that will stream and play back your downloaded files, this is one of the leading models. Only a couple of operational issues prevent it from being the best media device yet.

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Maximum PC Jan 19, 2012

The WD TV Live is the best full-featured media streamer you can buy today, but we’d like it even more if it included Vudu.

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powdereddonuts powdereddonuts

I love the WD TV Live. It does an excellent job streaming from direct USB attached storage as well as a Synology NAS that I own. I have several Blu Rays that I have ripped to MKV files and it plays them beautifully along with Dolby Digital and DTS Surround. It will also play DVDs with menus...

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A pain to use and setup. The Sony SMPN-200 for under 49.99 is easy and quick to setup with PS3 Media Server.

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ke6mtf ke6mtf

I just upgraded from the "WD TV". I love the extra features it has available. It's a massive improvement from the basic unit. My only complaints are the networked drive access, it's not as intuitive as I would like. though I'm not sure how to simplify it without removing functionality. It's a...

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Bownse Bownse

I have the WD Live TV+ (includes Netflix support). It works. It works simply. It works well. In addition to the streaming media it offers, it also supports tons of different local file types (video, audio, and ISO formats). It's my go-to for all the media. I had mine for a year when both of my...

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AmanS AmanS

The Best Media Streaming Gadget........definately better than Apple TV........Totally worth for 6k. :D

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