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by DanCooper

How would you change Withings' Pulse?
Regular readers know that I don’t get to review too many devices, so it’s a perk when one of mine appears on the HWYC timetable. Withings’ belt-worn activity monitor was one of the best in the category, but it was a category that was rapidly being superseded by wrist-based hardware. After all, it’s far easier to remember to wear a watch than it is to transfer a pedometer when you change clothes.... Read more →

by frankspin

Have fitness trackers and wearables improved your health?
As wearables start to grow and find their stride, I'm beginning to notice a lot of them are bundling in fitness features such as pedometers and even heart rate monitors. It's not really surprising when you consider how cheap, and basic, fitness trackers are. The thing is though, have fitness trackers improved your health at all?
Sure they can count steps and (estimate) your calories... Read more →

by frankspin

Fitness trackers and their impact on your life
Fitness trackers seem to be coming out from just about everywhere, almost as frequently as Bluetooth speakers. Nike just announced a new FuelBand, Fitbit seems to be dropping a new fitness device every six months, Withings has the Pulse and there is the incredibly data heavy Basis Band.
Despite the never ending stream and incremental updates (looking at you Fitbit), they still continue to be a popular category not just at gdgt but in the tech-sphere. A lot of people are turning them with hopes of... Read more →

by pvcflyer

fitbit complacency
Has anyone else found fitbit to be fairly unresponsive to customer problems, and when they do respond, they give answers like "sorry, we can't help you that's just the way it is and we aren't ever going to change it."
I have had to contact fitbit several times in the past and each time I receive a less than helpful non answer to my question.
- asked about clearing preuse data that came on my fitbit ultra --> led me along for a days until, they "fixed it" but actually didn't do anything because... Read more →