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These tiny speakers may not live up to their hype, but for $20 each, they provide a reasonable boost for your smartphone or other mobile devices, without taking up a lot of space. Plus, they can be daisy-chained, letting you build a virtual wall of sound out of them — though if you're looking for that kind of volume, there are much more cost-effective and acoustically sound ways to do it.

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Macworld Dec 8, 2010

The X-mini II speakers are respectable speakers for the modest size and price, even more so when you consider they can be found online for little more than pocket money. Cheap but not cheap sounding, these quality sounding speakers should have more lasting appeal than the novelty looks might...

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CNET AU Nov 11, 2010

The X-mini IIs don't live up to the "unbelievably loud" hype, but beyond that they're fairly priced for portable speakers, somewhat unique looking and offer up decent but not spectacular audio quality.

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Akihabara News May 13, 2012

Would we recommend these speakers? Yes! No doubt about it, they will be the best portable audio experience you’ve encountered in years. Durability-wise they are worth every penny, twice!

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Amthonie Amthonie

Quite an amazing sound for such a small unit. So far the best portable speakers I've ever had. Volume is good enough for most rooms, clear sound and even some base. In fact I use it also very often for my laptop.

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taoybb taoybb

Design is nicely, Easy to go everywhere. Sound is good. It have a dance show in high volume ,lol. Battery is very long life. Using it for a day But If you have more money. Go get Nakamichi is better

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Met Met

Great portable speakers to take along with you for your smartphone and/or tablet. Nice big boost in volume, but not the best audio quality. All in all, great value for their $20 price.

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