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82 May 2nd 2012 3:02 pm

If you spend much time typing on your iPad, and have had it with the onscreen keyboard, the ZAGGfolio — which elegantly merges a relatively comfortable keyboard with a protective case — could be the answer. Sure, you can put together a package that includes a better Bluetooth keyboard and iPad case than the combo you get with the ZAGGfolio. And you might even be able to do it for less than the ZAGGfolio's $99 list price. But good luck making it all fit together as seamlessly and effeciently as ZAGG has.

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ZDNet Dec 16, 2011

The ZAGGfolio case for the iPad 2 combines a stylish case with a wireless keyboard for maximum versatility on the go.

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PC Mag Mar 29, 2012

The Zaggfolio iPad keyboard folio doesn't disappoint, with an attractive, flexible design and a surprisingly comfortable chiclet-style keyboard.

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CNET Aug 8, 2011

Zagg's foray into a folio-style keyboard case for the iPad 2, the Zaggfolio, succeeds when it's in keyboard mode. However, it's not ideal as a pure case.

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Wired Sep 2, 2011

Depending on how you use your iPad, you may like the integrated case and keyboard. For me, though, it seems to spoil the point of having a tablet over a laptop.

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Laptop Magazine Dec 13, 2011

Consumers who want a dash of style will not be disappointed with the Zaggfolio for the iPad 2. Not only do we like all the colors it comes in, but its keyboard is excellent, too. When looking for a keyboard case, put this one on your short list.

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Cult of Mac Jul 30, 2012

Despite the weird design of the case, this whole setup is pretty sound, and if you need something sturdier than the usual lightweight Zagg cases which cover the iPad’s screen and little else, then you should certainly consider this...

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jkendrick jkendrick

My favorite keyboard for the iPad 2. Case works well, keyboard turns the iPad 2 into a laptop replacement. I am now traveling with this instead of a laptop, mostly.

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csharpfritz csharpfritz

A great keyboard, makes my iPad feel like a netbook. I can sit in meetings and type notes effortlessly now, instead of playing some balancing act on my lap when I was typing on the screen. Does not make loud clicks, and the keys are quite sturdy. I've dropped my iPad while in this 'case'...

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smcolbert smcolbert

This was given to me by ZAGG, so it's hard for me to rate in terms of value, but I got it for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it was absolutely phenomenal. I would have liked some more configurability with limited folding options, but it helped me go a good 9 months using just a tablet and a phone.

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TxDot TxDot

Love the case/keyboard. Two things that need improvement. 1) it drives me crazy how long it takes for the keyboard to wake up the iPad. Sometimes I have to press the the Home key repeatedly for 10-20 seconds to get a response. 2) the clasp while improved from the original design still isn't...

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