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November 6th 2011 6:04 pm

18-55mm kit lens or 50mm 1.8?

Pretty sure I'm going to get the T2i, mostly for video recording. But now I'm torn between buying it with the 18-55mm kit lens, or buying the body and a 50mm 1.8 lens separately (as I've heard its great for video). Thoughts?

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Earlier this year I purchased the EOS 60D and was caught between those two lenses and the 18-135. I opted for the 18-135 kit and I'm totally glad I did. On my old Nikon D60 I always felt hampered by the lack of zoom on an 18-55, so the extra 80mm on the 135 makes a huge difference. I also picked up a 75-300 non-IS lens (the IS version is about a grand more expensive).

In the end, I'd recommend the 18-55 over the 50, but I'd recommend the 18-135 (if you can afford the extra hundred or so) over the 18-55. You'll just get more use out of the camera with more zoom possibilities.

Here's the t2i 18-135 kit:
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I will suggest to get the kit lens and the prime lens afterwards. I have a kit lens: 18 to 55 (this is what my budget can afford), since I was a beginner, the kit lens help me learn how to use my cam. After a few months i added the nifty fifty (50mm) to my gear. 50mm is cheap about a $100 especially for a prime lens, the bigger brother cost about 2x but build quality is better with good aperture. I'm not a professional and I'm still learning and mastering my camera so as you progress, the lens will depend on what you need or taking video for. Then if you have more money you can get a 3rd lens with longer zoom, there are 3rd party lens manufacturers like sigma and tamron that has good telephoto lens that is cheaper than canon which you can add or replace your kit lens.
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