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May 27th 2010 1:25 pm

A few days ago my flash randomly came on one day while i was using my phone. I was not using the camera or anything.

I opened the camera hoping to be able to turn it off, but when i turn off flash it doesn't do anything. Then I tried taking a picture, and all that did was make it get really bright for a split second (to flash) then it went back to being on like before. Next I tried pulling the battery, i did it a few times. First for about a minute, 2nd i didn't it for 10min, then i tried 20min, and every time right when I put the battery back in the light instantly comes back on. So I tried a google search, and only got people saying to reload the OS, so i did this and the light still comes on. I've temporarily covered it up til i can figure out what I need to do. I purchased the phone in september so i don't think its under warranty. So do you guys know what I can do?

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I am also facing with this issue... no matter what i do, the flash is persistent. Anyone is able to help ?
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Hey wujian, t-mobile didn't know what was wrong. I'm guessing it was hardware defected. They sent me a replacement because it was under the one year t-mobile warranty. Good luck!
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