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March 25th 2014 9:31 am

A good compromise camera for product photography/tutorial videos?

Hi all.

For quite some time now I've been using my phone to take photographs of small items (couple inches) for the web... think etsy products/figurines. The pictures are ok, but could really be better. I bought some very cheap lamps which help loads already, but it's obvious the phone's camera wasn't made for this.

At the same time I'm recording video tutorials about how to design things... For this I've been using my webcam (combination of webcam with me in the corner, and screen capture of my computer screen). The webcam's quality also isn't great... naturally.

I would love to know if there's anything out there that can do both... because of course, just like everyone... I'm on a tight budget and think I can only afford 1 device, maybe.

And... what would be nicest of all... is if the device could work sort of like a webcam... be connected to my computer and used for "live recording/photography".

Any help/advice/tips are very welcome!

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Pick up a sony nex-3n, great photos and video
edit: doesn't work like a webcam with live connection to pc but I don't think you'll find anything for that.. and nothing with the image quality of the nex-3n
found a deal for you­/ip­/Sony­-16.1­-MP­-NEX3N­-BMBDL­/232041...
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