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February 1st 2012 8:54 am

Alienware AM14X 6667BK Vs Asus G53SX-XA1 which better ?

I want to have a new good gaming laptop. So, I make my personal research about the best gaming laptop that I can get with my limited budget. and I just read at­/alienware­-am14x­-6667bk­-vs­-...
about Alienware Am14x vs Asus G53SX-XA1 hardware comparison, I know both laptop is good, but I want the best that I can get with my money. Are that comparison accurate ?

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I am sure you have received an answer by now but the reason why you didnt get an answer is because, in this case the asus was better with a better gpu, processor and larger hard drive for about the same price. as far as build quality is concerned both units are built like tanks, i can attest to that as i have used and owned both, the alientware does have a slightly higher build quality because of the magnesium alloy chassis vs the mostly plastic body of the asus. finally, the cool factor is wayyyy up on the alienware.

Which one did you finally get?
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