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December 16th 2012 7:09 pm

Android "Refresh Interval" parallel to iPhone push notifications?

Upon downloading a couple of social networking apps on my Android phone, I was a little confused by the "Refresh Interval" settings in each app. On the iPhone, there was only "notifications: on" and "notifications: off" yet here, they're asking me whether I want to set it to "30 minutes, 1 hour, etc..." The more frequent intervals warn me that they'll impact the battery life but I don't want Facebook to notify me only every 4 hours either?

So here's my question - what is the parallel to these refresh intervals on the iPhone? What is that hidden value on the iPhone that I was never able to customize, yet allowed me to receive push notifications live without any terrible battery drain?

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I think the way iOS did push notifications is a bit different than just having a magic interval number...

I'd recommend somewhere between 15-30 minutes, maybe more if you don't use it often, or less if you want more up-to-date notifications.
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