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June 22nd 2011 7:04 pm

Any BB fans care to comment on the buyout speculation?

After RIM's disappointing Q2 numbers, a lot of speculation has spun up about possible buyouts. The two potential buyers I've heard are Dell and Microsoft.

Any diehards in the BlackBerry camp care to comment? Would you continue to support the BB brand if it lived on under the aegis of Microsoft or Dell? I see pros and cons to both deals.
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I'm not a BB fan but I think it's highly unlikely that MS would buy RIM after they practically just bought Nokia.
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joeyfromspace's pick

I'm a Bold owner and IMHO the Blackberry OS is just so outdated that anybody who bought them would have to play HUGE catch up.

My contract is up and I am waiting for the next iPhone, won't be getting the 9900/9930. Had the 9900 come out 1-2 years ago I might not jump ship, but it's been delayed, again.
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