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June 2nd 2012 9:45 am

Any ideas for an external battery source for a ThinkPad?

So I love my ThinkPad E220s. Unfortunately, running the sandy bridge i7 at max performance really takes a hit on battery life (I can usually muster a solid 4 hours usually at highest settings). The E220s is one of the first ThinkPads to feature a non-removable battery, so I can't just purchase a bigger battery from Lenovo and swap it in like the other ThinkPad models. I've seen people use little external battery packs to keep their phones charged during the day, and I was wondering if there was anything like that for laptops? (More specifically, a portable battery pack that I can plug my ThinkPad into (even using an adapter)). Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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I know energizer makes a decently popular option. I do not know whether the included tips will suit your lenovo, but they do offer "free tips for life"

As a bonus it will charge your phone too­/us­/products­/xp18000/­/Energizer­-XP18000­-Universal­-Externa...

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If it has a dock connector you can try finding a slab battery that will work with the E220s. Dell uses this on their XT series but I really haven't seen it used anywhere else. Looking at official accessories for the E220s I'm not seeing that kind of option which is leading me to think it's not possible.
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