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I'll follow up in a week or so with a "proper" review. I got it only last week, and so far I really like it. The joystick pressure is a bit imprecise, the keyboard is "mushy" and not great for long typing / hacking sessions, but otherwise the buttons are amazing, the CPU is pretty fast, and it's highly hackable. I just finished cross-compiling some Linux GUI tool (xdiskspace) with almost no modification so porting Linux tools is pretty easy.
If you like homebrew (and game emulators) or you want an easy to hack PDA-sized Linux machine then this is for you. I consider it like a Nokia N810 (or N900) but that doesn't suck.
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N810 that doesn't suck is actually a great description. And for $330, it was a good deal. But now they're $500 better *really* want it. Especially since you could build a computer for this much. I do like mine, but I wouldn't have bought it at this point.

Oh btw, if/when the PSP Vita gets hacked, it'll be way cheaper and still do way more, making the pandora largely irrelevant for anyone who's not too lazy to hack something, so take note. (You could buy a Wiz or Caanoo and a PSP Vita, and get almost all functions of the pandora but the keyboard, and it'd still cost less)
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