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July 26th 2012 1:51 pm

Any recommendations for a Pay-As-You-Go phone service for an iPhone 4S with a data plan for the month?

I'm in the US for a few weeks and have an unlocked iPhone 4S and desperately need talk, text and mobile web service from any company EXCEPT AT&T.

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For pay a you go, it seems that lots of people with unlocked iphones tend to go with Straight Talk in the US which is actually running off AT&T's network. The SIM card costs $15 and they offer unlimited talk, text, and data (but throttled after 2GB) for $45 a month.­/shop.php
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I found a hack, courtesy of a colleague at the New York Tech Meetup:
Go to on your iPhone and choose AT&T PayG as your carrier. It will install a profile that will let you use your AT&T data plan. It doesn't jailbreak your phone or anything illegal. It just changes the APN settings on your phone.

AT&T should be sued for their gross misrepresentation.
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