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December 13th 2012 8:02 am

Any tips for better battery life on iPhone 4S?ever since iOS6 update,it's being horrible.

I heard backing up to iCloud,resetting back to stock and then restoring helps. could the drain be because of constant 3G? i get like just 2hrs from charge to 15%
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You could have a faulty battery, it's been known to happen, just a side-effect of mass production.

Try to turn off things that are constantly using data. Set you email to only check it when you open the app, same with Facebook and twitter and so forth.

Turn off bluetooth and WIFI when you're not using them, you can also dim the screen.

But unless you are constantly on the internet/playing games your battery life should not be that bad. I would go get it checked out.
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So your saying you get just over 2 hours of battery life total, not 2 hours of talk time? That seems like something is majorly wrong. Try rebooting the phone. Did it get wet at all?

It is possible that the battery itself is failing and its life is running out due to too many charge cycles, but that seems highly unlikely for a iPhone 4S.
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