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March 17th 2012 4:20 pm

Anyone else having problems with the Flickr Ap?

Checking various forums it seems that I am not the only one having the following problem:

Using the ap allows me to view anyone's photos except mine. I am able to "explore" and view other people's pictures. However, when I try to view any of my own pictures, the program crashes with an error (C2-12828-1). I have contacted Sony support and went through the usual drill: restart ap, restart device, delete ap and reload. restore the Vita and finally, reformat the memory card. After none of those options solved the problem, Sony now wants me to try a different internet connection (my unit is wi-fi only). I am curious if it is just me or if the ap is just not ready for prime time.

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Yeah, it's super buggy - hopefully Sony is working on a fix.
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