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February 28th 2012 3:57 pm

Anyone else having trouble using 802.11N wireless?

Seems like the problem is very wide spread, but I am honestly having a lot of trouble finding folks who are talking about it. That tells me most people are still using 802.11G.
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How would I know? My wireless router works with both G and N, how do I determine how the Vita is connecting?
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That's a great response. I have my router configured at home as N only, but the guest one at work is N/G. I get the same problem in both locations. It work work fine then boom, I would tap on something in the store, twitter, web page, what ever, and it would eventually say something to the effect of not being able to connect to the internet. If I try and play Wipeout it will eventually kick me out of the lobby, saying it lost connection. I have a G router I connect to at work and a spare G router at home now as well to get my by till this problem is patched. This is also my second Vita. I took the first one back thinking it was defective.
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