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Anyone have any experiencing getting BlackBerry OS 5 loaded onto this?

I heard there is a ROM out there that you can install at your own risk, was curious if anyone had, and if so, what their experience with it was.
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See here:­/official­-os­-5­-0­-0­-1067­-blackberry­-b...
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I haven't done this on the 9000 or with AT&T, but if it's anything like the 8900 and T-Mobile, you'll want to go to this website ( https:­/­/­/Downloads­/­?code... ) and download the exe (yes, it's an EXE, and you will need Windows for now). Install the EXE and follow instructions on screen. You may need to actually go through AT&T's support site to get the installer, and you might actually need an older version of BlackBerry Desktop to install this (it seems the latest version only really plays nice with BBOS 6 all the time).
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Already been answered.. but if you want the latest .. I believe this was the last update that was sent out­/2010­/12­/16­/blackberry­-bold­-900...
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There was a while where AT&T didn't offer the 5.0 firmware, so you had to go through some (small) hoops to get another carrier's version of the firmware. (I think you just had to download the firmware installer file, then delete a certain file (vendors.xml or something?) in your Blackberry desktop software folder.

I installed the unsanctioned version, then later I used the official AT&T build. Both worked great, and I still have the AT&T 5.0 build installed. I've had less memory available after the update, but I don't keep very many apps installed, so it hasn't been a problem.
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