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Applying screen protectors to my iPhone 4S make me want to kill somebody!!! Same for anybody else? please recommend a good bubble free screen protector


So. I have my brand new 4S! and honestly I am having fun asking weird questions to Siri..

What is the meaning of life? How far away is the moon? Can I have a BJ?

But finally I decided it's time to apply the dreaded screen protectors to both mine and my wife's 4S's

I got a six pack from amazon, knowing the frustration of applying these things to my iPad2 and my 3GS before. So, I am armed with a microfiber cloth, cleaning spray designed for cleaning LCD TV's and electronics, (even though there is barely a smudge on the damn things, and I am in a good dust free area. And I am going nuts trying to, at least get the screen area bubble free, let alone the bezel

I have tried Invisble Shield on a Sony PSP once before and water got inside and ruined it.. (never again).. I had a Anti Glare protector from ILuv on my 3GS, which was cool because it only had one bubble on it and stayed that way for 18 months.. But with the retina display o the 4S, I don't want to do the anti-glare thing.. My wife tried her Incipio screen protectors that came with her case.. And they looked bubbly and terrible too...

Can anyone recommend a good, easy to apply screen protector, that with a cloth or plastic squeegee thingy, it is possible to remove the inevitable bubbles?

Cos I have used 5 out of my 6 protectors from amazon.. And both our phones look crap..
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I know this sounds lame, but let one of the folks at the Apple store do it. They did mine to perfection 2 mins after I bought my 4S.
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Don't put a screen protector on it lol.
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At my local mall a dude sells the invisible shield protectors out of a cart. For 5$ he installs it for you. Best 5$ I ever spent.
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Not lame at all! Great idea.. Let the pros do it!

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The only screen protectors that do not result in bubbles are the ones that come with spray solutions, like InvisibleShield or Bodyguardz. Any other screen protectors will give you bubbles.
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only good ones are the powersupport at the apple store bend it like a taco line it up and let go you can use tape to peel it back to remove dust
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I agree with the using Scotch Tape on the screen so you can continue to lift and reapply over and over again. Use a straight NEW credit card to apple pressure across the protector. Sadly there is no magical bubble-less screen protector out there. I once watched a lady in a phone store take 20 minutes to apply one to my phone, crazy. My girlfriend is awesome at doing it. If I try it looks like crap.

Save yourself the head ache - go with gagtboy's answer get the apple pros to do it LOL.
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if you just need several pcs,it is good to get it from ebay. and if some one want to OEM screen protector, our manuacturer can help you.
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I've been able to successfully apply a screen protector without any bubbles a couple times. First, you have to make sure the screen is perfectly clean so there's no particles that will get trapped under it and create bubbles. Then you start at one edge, and put it on slowly working from one side to the other. If you end up with bubbles, just use your fingernail to peel it off and try again.
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I can't say enough great things about their products:

I love the anti glare films, they are a fingerprint repellant. Included in every kit is a special plastic sticky tape to apply to the bare surface of the phone to make sure all speck's of dust are lifted before you apply the film.
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