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Are Automator "folder actions" flaky under OS X Lion?

I've been having some trouble with Lion properly running folder actions from Automator under OS X. Does anyone else have experience with this? Basically, I'm having a large number of files copied into a specific folder. In theory, the folder actions should detect this, then run an Automator script that starts poking and prodding the files to do what I want.

The only problem is that this isn't happening. I copy a bunch of files into a folder, the Automator script starts and grabs one or two, then fails to detect any subsequent file additions to the folder.

I feel like I had this issue under OS X Leopard, but it seemed to be fixed in OS X Snow Leopard.

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I have been using one that moves all of my files from subfolders to the parent folder with no issues.
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Yes! I've been having the exact same issue. Sometimes it will fire up as expected and grab all files. Sometimes it will not start at all I usually have to try dragging the files to the folder again to get it working.

If you have a fix please tweet it it to me @alexfornell
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