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November 16th 2012 11:26 am

Are there any good gaming Ultrabooks?

Looking at the sea of newly released Ultrabooks/Laptops out there, are there any that are any good at gaming? I am not talking like hardcore gaming, but maybe stuff like Half-Life 2 and Starcraft 2. I don't want to have it on the lowest possible settings either. I would also like the laptop to still be relatively lightweight, and screen size is not as much of an issue for me, but being portable is great. Next would be to have decent battery life, when not gaming.
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I do not own one, but I am going to suggest the Asus ZenBook Touch U500VZ.

It has a quad core processor, and nVidia GT650M graphics. It has a touch screen so you can enjoy Windows 8. Asus rates the battery at 7+ hours (of course actual time may vary)­/zenbook­/­?c­=u500vz
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ultrabook is not design for heavy application like gaming. it's "lite notebook" and reduce notebook some features to get slim design. and most ultrabook use intel HD graphic, and it's not good GPU for gaming.

but yes you may play some game on it with limited setting. Asus Zenbook UX31E-DH52 With it you may play 3D games on low-medium setting and limited resolution. on Left4dead test, in native resolution and medium settings this machine only get 32 FPS. To get more FPS for comfort play you have chang to minimal setting.also on Resident Evil 5 you have to play at 800 × 600 and Lowest setting, just to get 30FPS.

Source :­/asus­-zenbook­-ux31e­-dh52­-ul...
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