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March 16th 2012 6:28 am

Are there any high resolution desktop displays?

Almost five years ago, Jeff Atwood wrote "Where Are The High Resolution Displays?":­/blog­/2007­/06­/where­-are­-the­-hi...

Brian Lam's The Wirecutter thinks that the best desktop display available now is the Dell Ultrasharp U2412M, which has just 94 PPI, less than my 13" MacBook Pro at 116 PPI.

iOS retina displays have got me thinking:

1. What is the highest resolution (or best high PPI) desktop display available now?
2. Is any progress being made in this area?
3. If not, why not? (I'm guessing the answer to this is "money")
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Check out this (­/2012­/03­/01­/retina­-display­-macs­-ipads­-...) analysis of what Retina actually needs to mean for Desktop. Currently 17" MBP *is* Retina

Interestingly, there is an old IBM display that beasts it­/wiki­/IBM­_T220­/T221­_LCD­_monitors ~200ppi

Also see the end of this list (­/­~sven­/dpi.html) for a few that exist that would meet the requirements. It seems to come down to demand and price. Apple typically says 'build it and they will come', whereas others wait for people to be clamouring for higher res. Perhaps iPhone and iPad will put some pressure on in this area?

The Panasonic panel from January (https:­/­/­/webapp­/wcs­/stores­/servl...) seems to be be heading in the right direction with +200ppi on a 20-inch
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