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January 27th 2014 2:28 pm

Are Transcend SSDs any good?


Amazon has a pretty crazy deal on solid state storage today and is selling a 256GB SSD made by Transcend for about $130. Anyone know if these are any good?­/Transcend­-Information­-256GB­-2­-5­-Inc...
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I just asked some folks who know their stuff, and here's what I got back from someone quite knowledgeable on the subject (the following was a series of forum posts):


No experience with them, and that price is pretty ordinary. Oh, "JMICRON JMF667H" controller. Say no more.

[I pressed him as to whether that meant good or bad]

Well, fairly ordinary for a "weekly special" type of price. Slightly better than normal, perhaps, but not terribly unusual. I'm expecting that to become "the norm" over the next 2-3 months.

JMICRON gave early SSDs a bad name. Their newer controllers are much better (eg. in some of the Kingston V-series drives), but given a choice I look for a Marvell controller.
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Isn't that the worst when you find an awesome deal but there aren't any reviews!
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That sounds awful tempting, but I have heard so many horror stories of flaky SSDs over the years that I have just avoided everything but Intel and Samsung, with 1 exception for an OWC. I would at least find this model on Newegg and read the reviews there first if I were you.
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That does seem like a decent deal. I may buy one to use as a cache drive in my new UnRaid server. But no, I couldn't tell you anything about that brand of SSD specifically without googleing it.
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