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Are you having any wrist / forearm pain after using the Magic Mouse?

In the past week or so, I've noticed some slight pain creeping into my forearm and wrist. As someone who uses a computer constantly for work and play, this scares the absolute crap out of me. I've always been pretty aware of whether or not something is causing me pain and have been able to change things up (posture, habits, etc).

But I can't seem to shake this. We even have fancy Herman Miller Aeron chairs -- so there's plenty of customization options (hey, I've had this thing dialed in PERFECTLY for the last year).

So, what gives? I find myself taking a lot of stretch breaks so I don't aggravate things. Is it the mouse? I recently picked up a Logitech G500 for use at home, and find it much more comfortable.

We've talked about the ergonomics of this mouse before.­/question­/what­-do­-you­-think­-of­-the­-magic­-m...
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The problem with the mouse is that your hand ends up splaying over it at a flat angle as you're using it.

Try something like the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000 if you want a compact mouse. The bulbous shape means you claw it more. If you really want gestures, get a Magic Fingerpaintingpad and use it as your left-hand gesturer.

It could also be the Apple RSIboard - I'm going to assume that you use them at work and home - one of the worse scissor-action keyboards I've used - depending on how you're typing, but I think it's more likely to be the mouse.

And an Aeron looks (dated IMO) cool, but is not ergonomic either. It's absolutely my favourite chair to release those marathon farts in, but it doesn't go beyond that.
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I noticed the pain within about 30 minutes of use. It's horrible for ergonomics the the materials that Apple chose don't allow for the right coefficient of friction across the top of the device, making gestures very awkward and sometimes painful. Apple has never understood mice from a usability standpoint and the Magic Mouse is the worst offender.
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All of Apple's mice give me almost instantaneous carpal tunnel pains. The way you have to pinch it between thumb and ring finger in order to pick it up and move it to gain more "runway" during an extended drag and drop is the culprit. I highly recommend that anyone stuck using an Apple mouse avoid drag and drop as much as possible and just get used to keyboard shortcuts instead.
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No. I thought I might, as I loved my old Logitech MX Revolution, which was ergonomic as all getout. However, i'm on the computer 10+ hours a day and have no issues with pain. All in all, I love the magic mouse much more than I thought I would. Which reminds me, I need to go put up a gdgt review :D
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Mice, in general, are actually bad because you have to twist your wrist in order to use it which puts more strain on the tendons (same idea as standard keyboards). You're smart to take notice but it may be wise to change up your equipment and nip the issue in the bud before it becomes something more.

IMHO, for anyone who works at a computer and does not have really good ergonomics, it's only a matter of time until it catches up with you.

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I think Dave needs to stop playing tiddlywinks and start playing adult sports. I've been using the Magic Mouse at work since it came out and it's hard to use any other mouse now. I think everybody is a little different. However, I do recommend switching input devices no matter what brand you are using. It helps keep things fresh. I switch off at home between an old Stark mouse and the Apple trackpad.
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I find the Magic Mouse a bit frustrating. I love the concept but it's limited by it's size. I find myself trying to use trackpad gestures on it that just don't work. It doesn't make my arm hurt it makes my head hurt. I prefer my old Mighty Mouse, I never try invalid commands on it.
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I've never had any problems with the Magic Mouse. As I said in that older thread, just because the mouse is flat doesn't mean you have to lay your hand on top of it: I rest the heel of my palm on the bottom edge of the mouse and my fingers on the top edge, and my hand curves OVER the middle of the mouse. I rarely use the mouse for long stretches (I've grown used to just using the touchpad on my Air) but I haven't had any problems with hand or wrist pain.
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I have read a lot of complaints about the Magic Mouse, yet my family and I like it. I've never really had any problems with it, but then again I probably don't use it as much as you do, Dave.
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